Todd D. Johnson

Todd D. Johnson sometimes refers to himself in third person. This is awkward in social situations but adds a touch of ironic distance to his normal narrative voice.

Todd is a happy husband to one (wife) and a father to two (daughters). He enjoys life with these visual/performing artists, writers, musicians, chefs, artisans, and party planners.

Todd grew up in Kentucky and Florida but now calls the Pacific Northwest his home. His temperament and outlook are mirrored in his backdrop: reliably cloudy skies mixed with frequent cups of caffeine.

Todd eschewed the internet until well into his twenties, but now holds a “lucrative” career in IT.

Todd recently graduated from Seattle Pacific University’s creative writing program (MFA 2012) and not-as-recently graduated from Asbury College’s journalism program (BA, 1996). He learned conversational Chinese in north “Tibet” at the Qinghai MinZu Shi Da (Qinghai Minorities University) but stubbornly refuses to speak a word of it.

Todd writes about all things that please and displease him. His work has appeared in Pudding: The Journal of Applied Poetry, Odyssey: University of Kentucky Research Journal, The Burnside Writers Collective (online), and Plateaus & Crossroads.

His global mission is to faithfully tell the truth in graceful, deafening, and unexpected ways. He is glad you might be reading this blog (and other koans).